Live and feel Guatemalans heartbeat; an explosion in magic, color and adventure. A country where history is being written day by day. Landscapes are like pictures, and works of art are found on the streets and outdoors.

It is an inspiration to painters, poets and writers. Country of culture, adventure and romance. Center of the American Continent. Heart of the Mayan World!!! It is located in Central America, bordering with Mexico to the North and West; Belize and the Caribbean Sea to the Northeast; Honduras and El Salvador to the Southeast and the Pacific Ocean to the South.

Because it is located in a tropical zone, its climate is exceptional. It is known as The Country of Eternal Spring. Its average tempature is 25 degrees C. It has two seasons: the rainy season or winter (from May to October) and the dry season or summer (from November to April).

Its territory is small, rich and diverse. There are 108,889 sq. Kms. of natural and cultural richness which fill with personal experiences your trips chronicle.

Our roots are the synthesis of two cultures: the ancestral and millenary Maya and the Spanish which makes us Guatemalan. The fusion of beliefs, traditions and artistic expressions, summarizes this race mixture.

Mayan history dates from 2,000 BC to 1,500AD. A period in which the Mayans produced the richness which makes them famous as a great civilization. Today, they constitute over 40% of the population. The diversity of Mayan groups, more than 23 ethnic groups, is part of the vitality, dynamism and richness of the country.

Your visit to Guatemala will be enriched step by step by the hospitality of our people, makers of culture and dreams, and will fill your trip with smiles.

Guatemala is located in an uncommon geographical position. It constitutes the second Tropical Forest in America: 14 different ecosystems of an extraordinary biological diversity; 1,600 vertebrate species, among which 258 are fresh water fish; 112 amphibian; 214 reptiles; 666 birds (resident and migratory) and 251 mammals. Many of these species do not inhabit any other region of the world.

It has a great part of the Mayan Biosphere, which is the largest protected area of the country, with 1,844,900 sq. kms. It is a refuge of unique species, and the settlement of the Classic Mayan Culture.

Guatemala awaits you and your passengers to be discovered and explored: colonial cities, Mayan Indian Markets, Mayan Archaeological sites, coffee estates’ tours; sugar mills; industrial tours, golfing, and much more…


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Capital: Guatemala
Official languages: Spanish
Area:108,889 sq. Kms.
Population: xxxx
Time zone: xxxx
Calling Code: +502

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